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ENR 400 Using Standard Integration for Prolog and Leading Accounting Application to Maximize Revenue and Increase Productivity

Event 1 Integrator™, from Event 1 Software Inc., integrates project management data with Timberline Office, providing reliable job cost forecasts and reducing duplicate data entry

FOLSOM, Calif. (March 24, 2005) — Trimble Systems®, an enterprise solution provider for optimizing the plan, build and operate phases of real estate, construction and other infrastructure programs; and Event 1 Software Inc., are enabling construction companies to integrate front-office project management with back-office accounting. More than 25 companies, like Webcor Builders, W. L. Butler Construction, and Gerald Martin General Contractor, use the Event 1 Integrator™ to link Prolog® Manager with Timberline accounting, maintaining revenue and reducing administrative costs.

As a Trimble authorized integration for Prolog and Timberline Office, Event 1 Integrator combines all project cost-to-date data stored within Timberline with the budget and contract modules in Prolog. This integration solution allows construction companies to combine and review cost-to-date data against budgeted amounts. With Integrator construction companies proactively identify cost overruns and make adjustments to prevent profit loss.

Webcor Builders began using Integrator in 2003. One of the company’s main tenets being, “value through innovation,” the company regularly looks to technology and process streamlining to better build buildings. According to Jim Bedrick of Webcor, “When you’re expecting a job to produce revenue, it’s very important to understand as early as possible when a job is going to get off track and into the red. That means looking at current expenditures next to contracted expenditures.

“Webcor looked at the way we compiled that data—it was time consuming and required a lot of data manipulation. After doing all of that work we didn’t have cost reports that were timely or could be relied upon. We could not be sure of transactions that had occurred since the data was last pulled and couldn’t be sure that the recalculation of numbers and duplicate data entry weren’t introducing errors and giving us inaccurate cost information. In evaluating Integrator, we realized that reliable cost numbers and accurate forecasting justified the technology investment,” commented Bedrick, director of systems integration for the ENR Top 30 U.S. contractor.

According to Brendan Adams project manager for Gerald Martin Contractors, the company has been on an aggressive growth track and used Prolog and Timberline to maintain accountability through increased work on jobs of varying size. “We’ve shifted our business model to accommodate small single-structure jobs as well as complex building programs. We’ve counted on Prolog and Timberline as separate systems for years; but with so many jobs, we couldn’t have the accounting team hunting for contracts or project managers entering accounting information twice into two different systems.

“Integrator has really allowed us to get in and pull apart the budget, determine where cost overruns will or are occurring and then make adjustments before we have to sacrifice revenue,” finished Adams.

W. L. Butler Construction found the investment in Integrator was well worth the elimination of double entry and the increased efficiency in collaboration between the accounting and project management departments. “One of the biggest pain points for accounting was tracking down contracts. Integrator connects the two departments so that as soon as a job begins, that contract info is automatically sent to accounting,” said James Mayes, manager of information systems for W. L. Butler.

“We also view Event 1 Software as a growth-oriented business partner. We don’t want to purchase software and then a year later have the vendor go out of business. As with any software purchase, we chose the solution AND the company. We’re comfortable that Event 1 is a viable company that will continue to provide a worthwhile product,” finished Mayes.

The standard Event 1 Integrator solution works for large and small companies, and Event 1 Software can provide customization and implementation services to fit the specific needs of individual companies. For a CD demo of Event 1 Integrator™ and an in-depth client case study, contact event1@Trimblesystems.com.

About Trimble Systems

Trimble Systems provides enterprise solutions that optimize the plan, build and operate phases of real estate, construction and other physical infrastructure initiatives. Trimble solutions are used by more than 8,500 of today’s large building owners, government agencies, and engineering and construction firms to improve top-line revenue growth while reducing their capital construction costs. Trimble uniquely provides both traditional software and hosted ASP solutions, and ranks as a market share leader in project management software among general contractors with over $100 million in revenue*. Trimble has an impressive track record of revenue growth over its 11-year history, and has been repeatedly recognized as a Constructech Hottest Technology company. Trimble is headquartered in Folsom, Calif. For more information, call Trimble at 1-800-850-2660, or go to www.Trimblesystems.com.

About Event 1 Software

Located in Vancouver, WA, Event 1 Software is a leading developer of Microsoft Excel-based Reporting, Inquiry and Business Intelligence software. Since 1998, Event 1 Software has provided technology to thousands of forward-thinking end users through its suite of Excel-based integration products, including Forecast, Office Connector Query, Office Connector Write, and now Office Connector Import, as well as Event 1 Integrator for Prolog Manager and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

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