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Event 1 Software’s Integrator Receives Award for Integrating Trimble Prolog Manager and Sage Timberline Office

Event 1 Software's Integrator Receives Award for Integrating Trimble Prolog Manager and Sage Timberline Office

CHICAGO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Vancouver, Washington-based Event 1 Software, Inc. received a second Constructech Magazine Technology Enabler Award tonight recognizing Event 1 Software's customer Fairmont Pacific Rim/299 Burrard's use of the innovative tool for Project Managers, Integrator by Event 1 Software for Trimble Prolog Manager and Sage Timberline Office.

Fairmont Pacific Rim/299 Burrard joins former Constructech Vision Award winner MJ Harris recognizing their innovative use of Integrator by Event 1 Software.

Event 1 Software was represented at the award ceremony by co-founding partner and Vice President of Product Management Michael Newland.

Says Newland, "We are very excited to see Fairmont Pacific Rim/299 Burrard win this award and we are pleased to receive the Technology Enabler award by having our Integrator product as part of their solution. As a software vendor, we know that our part is only one piece of a successful implementation of technology. The Fairmont Pacific Rim team combined the people, commitment, work processes and software needed to bridge the gaps between differing groups and processes. Congratulations to Fairmont Pacific Rim."

Fairmont Pacific Rim/299 Burrard was joined by a total of five technology enablers who were recognized for their role. Those included Event 1 Software, Constructive Solutions represented by its President Patrick Baker, Sage Timberline Office, Trimble Systems, Oracle (representing Primavera), and Multi Vista.

Recognizing the continued role Integrator plays in enabling streamlined work processes for users of Trimble Prolog Manager and Sage Timberline Office, James Coyle, President of Event 1 Software, had this to announce: "In recognition of our business success, effective immediately, we are announcing new pricing and licensing options centered around an expanded product and service offering for integrating Sage Timberline Office and Trimble Prolog Manager."

Integrator by Event 1 Software is introduced to prospective customers either directly or through an established referral program that business partners, solution providers, technology influencers or customers can participate in.

About Event 1 Software

Located in Vancouver, Wash., Event 1 Software is a leading developer of integration software and Microsoft Excel-based report writing. Since 1998, Event 1 Software has provided technology to thousands of companies for the purpose of Excel-based report writing (Office Connector), Trimble Prolog Manager and Sage Timberline Office integration (Integrator) and distributed Excel-based project cost forecasting (Forecast).