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Event 1 Software, Inc. Announces OEM Distribution Agreement with Sage

Sage's Construction and Real Estate Business Unit now including Event 1 Software's Excel-based Business Intelligence in Sage Timberline Office

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Event 1 Software announced today that an exclusive version of its Excel-based reporting software is being distributed by Sage’s Construction and Real Estate Business Unit beginning with Sage Timberline Office version 9.7. Office Connector Starter for Sage Timberline Office was created as part of an OEM Distribution Agreement that fulfills a strategic bundling initiative negotiated last Fall.

Office Connector Starter includes Excel-based reports targeted at delivering world-class Business Intelligence (BI) in real time. Having Office Connector Starter bundled with Sage Timberline Office will benefit both companies. The addition of Excel-based reporting to Sage Timberline Office will add to Sage’s value proposition for its customers, and Event 1 Software will receive increased market exposure and opportunity for upgrade sales.

"Although we have a very large customer base and are represented by most of Sage’s top Timberline Office Business Partners, this partnership provides all Sage Timberline Office U.S. and Canadian customers the opportunity to leverage Event 1 Software’s Office Connector capabilities directly from their desktops," said James Coyle, President, Event 1 Software.

Event 1 Software has been providing integrated Excel-based financial reporting for Sage Timberline Office customers since 2001. Additionally, the Office Connector product suite offers Excel-based data management and automated data import for Sage Timberline Office.

Sage Timberline Office version 9.7 began shipping to customers in early May 2010. The release also includes a complimentary evaluation license of the full Office Connector product allowing companies to evaluate the expanded feature-set of the full product and consider upgrading.

“Our partnership with Event 1 provides a feature-rich solution to our Sage Timberline Office customers on a support and maintenance service plan. Event 1 has a great reputation and high satisfaction levels with our customers and we’re excited to be working closely with them,” said Jim Walter, Vice President, Product Development, Sage Construction and Real Estate Business Unit.

Jill Sermon, Vice President of Services at Event 1 Software, is certain Sage Timberline Office customers will find value with this new tool. “Imagine producing a Cost to Complete report with the click of a button and having updated and accurate data from Sage Timberline Office instantly appear in Excel. That will become a reality with Office Connector Starter for Sage Timberline Office. We are excited to introduce all Sage Timberline Office customers to the world of integrated Excel-based reporting.”

Craig Trussell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Strategies Group, promotes Office Connector as an Event 1 Software Business Partner. “Here at Strategies Group, we have been firm believers in the solutions Event 1 Software brings to the Sage Construction and Real Estate products. Their solutions round out key functionality in the Sage Timberline Office portfolio and enable our customers to get the most out of their Sage Timberline Office product. This bundling announcement is exciting to us because of the impact it will have for all our Sage Timberline Office customers, in ease of use, critical data at their fingertips, and in a form they can utilize effectively.”

The Office Connector product suite includes integrated Excel-based reporting as well as data management and data import products. Office Connector Starter for Sage provides a seamless upgrade path to the full version, where customers receive the ability to access and refresh over 30 pre-built report solutions. In addition they can acquire a license to customize the pre-built reports or create new ones.

Customer reception for the bundling announcement has been extremely positive. Christopher Clifford of Pancoast-Clifford, a highly successful Pennsylvania-based General Contractor and long time Office Connector and Sage Timberline Office customer, said, “I’m delighted to see that Sage has decided to introduce Office Connector to all Sage Timberline Office users. I am absolutely convinced that every Timberline user will appreciate Office Connector the very first time they use it. The ease with which you can immediately access Timberline data and bring it into Excel is amazing. The possibilities for the reports you can create and the time-saving spreadsheets are truly endless. There are not as many people in our office that can write Crystal Reports, create Access ODBC databases, and use SQL queries, but everyone can use Excel. Our entire office, from our Controller to our Project Managers and Administrative Assistants, have enjoyed the benefit of increased productivity from Excel spreadsheets, templates and reports created using Office Connector. My only regret is that I didn't learn about Office Connector sooner!"

Located in Vancouver, WA, Event 1 Software is a leading developer of Microsoft Excel-based Reporting, Inquiry and Business Intelligence software. Since 1998, Event 1 Software has provided technology to thousands of forward-thinking end users through its suite of Excel-based integration products, including Liberty Reports and Office Connector, as well as Event 1 Integrator for Prolog Manager and Sage Timberline Office.