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Buyout 2.00.0027

February 27, 2020

Licensing & Installation

IMPORTANT - Beginning with this release, licensing has been implemented. This means that in order to use the software, you must have a valid Client ID and Registration Name that grants a valid permanent, subscription, or evaluation license. The installation process has changed to support this. The Buyout License Servcie must be installed on a computer that is accessible by all other computers running Buyout. Once installed, you must run the Buyout License Administration program to activate your license of Buyout. For details about the installation process, refer to the following online documentation:

Installation Instructions (Updated)

Database Compatibility

IMPORTANT - After installing this update, you must use Buyout Database Manager to upgrade your Buyout Database(s). The Buyout database structure has been updated to include the 'Price Update Code' field as noted below.


  • Added support for the 'Price Update Code' field to be imported into Buyout and utilized to populate the Item Number field when sending commitments to the Sage 300 CRE Purchasing module.
  • The 'Check for Updates' feature has been enhanced. When an update is available, the notification window will display the installed version and the new version along with a hyperlink with which to directly access the release notes for the new version. In addition, a "Check For Updates" buton has been added to the Help tab of the ribbon allowing you to check for available updates anytime. The notice that appears automatically on startup only presents new versions that are deemed of higher importance whereas the button on the Help tab will alert you of any available updates regardless of significance.
  • As the product has now moved into a controlled-release stage, the "Beta" label has been removed from the splash window and the beta agreement no longer appears for new users.

Issues Resolved

  • On the 'Select Vendors' step, when a Quote Group is selected, the lower grid displays a summarized list of the items along with a column for each vendor showing their quoted amount. Previously, new vendor columns were not automatically added when a new vendor was added to the Quote Group. This required the user to click on a different Quote Group and then click back on the Quote Group they were on in order to display the newly added vendor columns. This issue has been resolved. Likewise, when a vendor quote was removed from a Quote Group, the associated vendor pricing column was not being removed. This issue has also been resolved.
  • Resolved issue where multiple rows showing the same vendor information would be displayed in the list of Quotes on the 'Select Vendors' step when a new vendor was added to a Quote Group. This issue has been resolved.
  • In Buyout Database Manager, the list of Sage 300 CRE company folders was not previously sorted. This has been resolved and the list is now sorted by company name.
  • Various minor updates and improvements were made to manner in which the various grids in the Buyout Package window respond to user events and database events. This resolved some issues where an error message may be displayed while navigating this window.