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Buyout 2.00.0032

April 7, 2020

Database Compatibility

IMPORTANT – After installing this update, you must launch Buyout Database Manager and upgrade your Buyout database(s). This version makes certain changes to the database in order to support some of the changes described below.

Resolved Issues

  • Buyout
    • When a field being used for grouping on the Group Items step contained blank values, multiple blank nodes would be displayed in the group-by tree on the left. This has been corrected so that all blank values appear under their own node with a caption of "(unassigned)".
    • Resolved issue where the Unit Price and Amount properties of a Quote Item in the details pane would still populate with the originally entered values even if the item was marked as included.
    • Resolved issue where commitment documents were including the originally entered unit price and amount even if an item was marked as included.
    • Resolved issue with the item-group tree on the Group Items step where grouping by fields of certain data types such as integer or date/time could result in an error message. All data types are now supported for use with the grouping feature.
  • Sage 100 Contractor Integration
    • Resolved issue where Cost Types that are in the expected format (e.g., "1-M", "2-L", "3-E", "4-S", "5-O") would be rejected because Buyout was expecting a simple integer value only (1-9). This has been corrected such that Buyout will now accept multiple variations for each Cost Type (e.g., Material is "1", "1-M", "Mat", or "Material").
    • Resolved issue where the creation of commitments would fail if the options in Sage 100 Contractor database administration were set to limit access by application. This has been corrected and the related documentation has been updated with the correct steps to grant access to Sage 100 Contractor for Buyout. Click here for more information.