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Buyout 2.00.0035

May 19, 2020

Database Compatibility

IMPORTANT – After installing this update, you must launch Buyout Database Manager and upgrade your Buyout database(s). This version makes certain changes to the database in order to support some of the changes described below.


  • The email functionality for sending requests for quotes and commitments has been improved. It is now possible to view and override the From Address at the time the emails are being sent. In addition, Cc and Bcc email addresses can now be included. Email addresses entered are validated to confirm that they conform to valid email address format. The ability to include attachments with commitments has also been added (previously, this was only an option when sending requests for quotes). In the Send Request for Quotes window, the email contact associated with each quote is now displayed so that the user can verify that quotes have an email address before sending. Finally, when sending emails (either Requests for Quote or Commitments), an email progress window is displayed showing each outbound email and its status as it is sent.
  • It is now possible to enter a lump sum amount for a quote without needing to split the amount up by item. The lump sum amount for the quote can be entered in the "Bid Amount" column of list of quotes or, if viewing the line item detail for a quote, it may be entered in the "Subtotal" cell at the bottom of the window. When a lump sum amount is entered, the amount is allocated to each item based on prorating the amount by the total estimate for each item in the list of combined items. The unit price for each combined item is calculated based on the prorated amount and then the detail item amounts are calculated based on the units and unit price. Each item of the quote is marked as "Lump Sum". To convert an item from a lump sum amount back to a unit price amount, right-click on the item and uncheck the "Lump Sum Price" option on the menu.
  • Numeric fields now include a calculator. In any editable numeric field (such as Units, Unit Price, Amount), a calculator is now available. To display the calculator, either click the in-cell calculator button or press F11. The calculator provides allows for any mathematical expression to be entered and evaluated. This includes standard math operations which are available on the numeric keypad, as well as common math functions which are displayed in a list of functions.
  • In prior versions Buyout allowed for multiple windows to be open at once (i.e., multiple Buyout Packages, plus the Pricing Editor). The windows were represented using simple plain-text labels that would appear below the toolbar ribbon. This has been replaced with a more traditional tab strip similar to Sage Estimating.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue with sending commitments to the Purchasing module in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate where the XML file was being generated in the current directory instead of the Sage 300 CRE data folder. Depending on the current directory at the time, this could result in a permission denied error. This issue has been resolved and the XML file generated for the Purchasing module will now be created in the Sage 300 CRE data folder as intended.
  • Resolved an issue with Sage 300 CRE where commitments including tax would be created incorrectly in Job Cost because the pre-tax amount of the commitment items would become the taxed total and so the pre-taxed amount would be recalculated to be the amount less tax. This has been resolved such that the total amount of the line item will always be the pre-tax amount plus the tax amount. Sage 300 CRE automatically calculates the pre-tax amount by subtracting the tax from the line item amount. Also, in cases where there is no tax amount (i.e., due to a non-taxable item), the tax group column is no longer populated because if the tax group column is populated without specifying a tax amount, Sage 300 CRE will attempt to calculate the tax amount.
  • In the prior version that introduced the numeric cells with the calculator, the numbers on the numeric keypad were not being recognized. This has been corrected.
  • Resolved an issue where the caption of the button in the 'Send Request for Quotes' and 'Create Commitments' windows would not update to reflect "Print" or "Send" based on the method chosen. The label on this button now reflects the appropriate action.
  • Resolved an issue in the Group Items tab where selecting multiple items of differing type (Labor, Material, Subcontract, Equipment, Other) would result in a message indicating that it is not possible to assign items of multiple types to the same Quote Group. Upon dismissing the popup message, the entered value would remain which would not allow the user to proceed (without receiving the popup message again) unless the user was aware they needed to press the Escape key to undo the changes to the current row. This has been corrected so that the current edit is cancelled automatically after this popup message is shown.
  • Resolved an issue where long descriptions would not word-wrap when printing a Request for Quote or Commitment.
  • Resolved an issue introduced in the 2.0.33 version where the License Service was unable to communicate with the online entitlement system. This has been resolved.