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Forecast 1.12.0068

Posted 12/2/2010


Terminology - "Fetch" becomes "Refresh"

Based on feedback, the term "Fetch" has been retired and replaced with the more popular term "Refresh".

Updated Options window under Tools menu

The options window now contains three tabs:

  • Preferences
    Use the options on this tab to control whether the list of workbooks is shared by all users or stored locally on your computer. Also use the settings on this tab to indicate how email should be sent (if using the Send feature).
  • Software Updates
    Use this tab to enter your contact information and to determine if updates should be automatically checked.
  • Advanced
    This tab contains checkboxes used by technical support staff when diagnosing problems and should only be used at their direction. TheĀ Enable trace log box will cause detailed information to be recorded in the Event 1 trace log as workbooks are processed. TheĀ Show Excel window while running box will cause the Excel application window to be displayed while Forecast is refreshing workbooks, allowing for a real-time view of the construction of the worksheet.

Advanced Software Updates Functionality

  • Optional update notifications are provided on a schedule of your choosing.
  • Updates can be downloaded automatically or on demand.
  • Updates are downloaded to a central location and are automatically available to other computers.
  • Installation is always performed on demand, and can be initiated directly from the update notification window.
  • Update behavior can be configured per workstation or globally from the server.
  • All of your installed Event 1 Software products are managed in a single window.

Command-Line Execution

The Forecast Manager application (FCMGR.EXE) can now be launched with command-line options that are designed to help automate processes. Command-line options include the following:

RUN This parameter tells Forecast Manager which functions to perform. This value can be any one of the following values. If multiple actions are desired, separate the values by commas.

  • POST
  • SEND
TF Use this parameter to specify the path of the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data folder. If none is specified, the default folder will be used.
TU Use this parameter to specify the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate operator ID.
TP Use this parameter to specify the password for the operator ID identified by the TU parameter.

FCMGR.EXE RUN=REFRESH TF="\\AccountingServer\TimberlineData" TU=chris TP=fortytwo

Updated Digital Signature

The base template from which workbooks are created (FC.XLT) now includes an updated digital signature.

New Template Option

Many Forecast templates include a section at the bottom of the worksheet to record job-level notes. When posting back to Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, these notes are automatically appended to the notes for the job record. A new option is available to disable the updating of the job notes if this is not desirable. This feature can be enabled or disabled within the design of each template. By default, all templates have this feature enabled