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Forecast 1.12.0070

Posted 3/14/2011


Refreshing Single Workbook in Excel

Version 1.12.68 introduced an issue that would prevent users from invoking the 'Refresh' option in Excel using the Refresh (Fetch) button on the Admin worksheet of a given Forecast workbook. This functionality has been restored.

Posting to Job Misc Amount fields

Version 1.12.68 introduced a change that eliminated the ability to post values to the job level misc amount fields (such as job summary amounts or column totals). This functionality has been restored. The specific values that are written to the three possible Job Misc Amount fields depends on the specific Forecast template used.

Corrected Templates

Changed one of the column captions in the following templates from "Cost To Complete" to "Cost At Completion" so that it correctly reflects the calculation occurring in that column.

  • Category - Cost To Complete - Expanded (Current).fct
  • Category - Cost To Complete - Basic (Current).fct