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Forecast 1.12.0084

Posted 12/19/2014


Compatibility with Sage 300 CRE 12.1 and higher

This version provides compatibility with Sage 300 CRE version 12.1 and higher (compatibility was actually introduced with interim version 1.12.80). Starting with Sage 300 CRE v12.1, certain fields were moved by Sage from the Job1 to the Job2 table. This version addresses this database change so the Refresh and Post functions work correctly with these fields. Backward compatibility with older versions of Sage 300 CRE has been maintained.

Fixed Job-List bug

The job-list (used when creating a new Forecast workbook) was not working in certain environments due to a Microsoft component (MSADOX.OCX - distributed with Forecast) that was failing to work in those environments. Dependency on this component has been removed and the component is no longer distributed with Forecast.

Improved Office Connector Integration

Forecast provides the ability for custom Forecast templates to utilize Sage Office Connector functionality. In some scenarios, use of this integration would result in popup messages during Refresh or Post operations that the user would need to click through. This has been corrected.

Restored ability to create Forecast workbooks and execute tasks via Excel

A bug was introduced in a prior version which disabled the ability to create a new Forecast workbook by double-clicking an Excel template in Windows Explorer. This bug also disabled the ability to execute Forecast tasks (such as Refresh, Protect, Send, Unprotect, and Post) from within the Excel workbook. This required users to execute these tasks from within Forecast Manager. The disabled functionality has been restored.