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Forecast 1.14.0010

Posted 6/1/2018

This version includes the following updates since version 1.14.6:

Compatibility with other Event 1 Applications

This version utilizes the current version of a shared Event 1 component (E1CoreCOM) so that Forecast can be installed and used in the same environment as the current versions of Sage Office Connector, Liberty Reports, and Integrator.

Corrected Cost Code Query Issue

Corrected an issue related to cost codes that have more than two sections. The underlying query used by Forecast now uses the "NOT LIKE" operator with an appropriate pattern to match detail and group cost codes.

Added More Tracing

Added more tracing functions in order to better assist with diagnosing technical support issues.

Excel Version Detection

Enhanced the methodology used to determine the installed version of Excel such that Forecast no longer relies on an instance of Excel to be loaded in memory in order to determine the version.