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Integrator 2.82.0041

What's new in Integrator version 2.82.41

Posted 2/23/2011

We strongly recommend that you read this information prior to upgrading. New versions may include new features that can help you, resolutions to known problems, and changes to supported environments.


1 - Enhancements

1.1 - Determine Modifications wizard now provides a find feature

When you use the Determine Modifications wizard and you need to find a specific project in the list, you can now press Control+F to bring up a search window. Enter your search text (all or part of the project number or description) and click OK to go directly to the first matching entry.

1.2 - Automation Wizard now includes scheduling option

When you use the Automation Wizard (under the tools menu) to setup Integrator for unattended operation, the task of creating a scheduled task is now simpler. Just check the box entitled "Create a scheduled task for this" and when you save the batch file, a task will be automatically created in Windows Task Scheduler and the job properties will be displayed for you to edit and assign your desired schedule.

2 - Resolved Issues

2.1 - Budgets Interface

2.1.1 - Resolved error when attempting to get description for Extra.
When sending budgets from Prolog to Timberline, an error could occur that would be displayed as error 5 on the recap report with no description. The entry in the error log would indicate a problem with getting the Extra Description. This issue has been resolved.

2.2 - Contracts and Subcontract COs Interface

2.2.1 - Resolved issue that caused incomplete import files to sometimes be imported when using a Timberline macro.
In previous versions, incomplete information would sometimes be imported via a Timberline macro that was executed by Integrator. This was due to the import file not being properly closed before executing the macro. This would sometimes result in information Integrator had written to the file but did not yet appear in the physical file at the time the macro was executed. This has been resolved by ensuring the file is closed and all information has been written before the macro is executed.

2.2.2 - Resolved issue that would lead to Timberline prompting to select a data folder when a macro was run.
When a program like Integrator executes a Timberline macro, it must set the current working directory prior to running the macro. This is because there is no means to tell the Timberline program which company data folder to use aside from having the current working directory be the desired Timberline data folder. When the Timberline application starts, it recognizes that the current working directory contains Timberline data and proceeds to use that folder without prompting. In the last version, the logic used to set the current working directory would sometimes fail to work in some environments. This would result in a prompt for the user to select the data folder at the time the Perform Modifications task was running. This has been resolved.

2.3 - Subcontract COs Interface

2.3.1 - Changed logic for determining if PJ is used for change management
In the past, Integrator would determine the job of a commitment by inspecting the job number of the first line item of the commitment. The job number was then used to lookup the setting in Project Management that determines whether PJ is used for change management. Although commitments that come from Prolog via Integrator would be designated for a single job, Timberline allows commitments to be split between multiple jobs or no job. In the a-typical case where a commitment contained a mix of items with a blank job number and others with a job number, this would result in an error determining whether the job uses PJ for change management. This has been resolve by inspecting the first item having a non-blank job number to determine the job number of a commitment.

2.3.2 - Accommodated larger field size for change order number used with PJ Commitment COs
PJ Commitment CO Numbers can be up to twelve characters in length. Because PJ Commitment COs were not originally supported, and the maximum length of a JC Commitment CO Number is five characters, an error would be raised if the number in PJ was longer than five characters. This has been resolved to accommodate the maximum field length.