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Integrator 2.91.002

What's new in Integrator version 2.91.02

Posted 10/25/2012 We strongly recommend that you read this information prior to upgrading. New versions may include new features that can help you, resolutions to known problems, and changes to supported environments.


1 - Compatibility

Prolog version 9.6 is now officially supported. Note that the AI-SDK for Prolog 2008 remains compatible with Prolog 9 and so no upgrade of the AI-SDK is required.

2 - Changes & Enhancements

2.1 - Sage Branding Changes

Beginning with the fall release, Sage has implemented a brand change replacing "Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate" with the name "Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate". This change has been implemented throughout Integrator.

2.2 - NEW - Project Selection Criteria">

In previous versions of Integrator, the list of projects displayed in the Register Projects window was based on a query of the Jobs in the Job Cost database where the job status was not 'Closed'. When registered jobs no longer met this criteria, they were automatically unregistered. Beginning with this version, you can now customize the criteria in the General Settings window on the Project Registration tab (new). The default criteria is still based on the job status being unequal to 'Closed' however this condition can be edited or deleted, and other conditions can be added. Like before, any jobs that are registered but no longer meet the criteria will be automatically unregistered. In addition, on the same tab, there is a new checkbox entitled "Automatically register projects". If this box is checked, any jobs that meet the specified criteria will be automatically registered. This, in effect, allows the list of registered projects to be managed within Job Cost by updating fields in Setup Jobs that are associated with the customized criteria (e.g., checkbox fields etc).

3 - Resolved Issues

3.1 - Criteria Tab

In previous versions if the Criteria tab was used in a given settings window to establish custom conditions, the criteria would become invalid if the same settings window was later re-opened and settings were saved. This issue has been resolved.

3.2 - Budget Settings Criteria

When transferring budgets from Prolog to Timberline, custom criteria can now be established via the Criteria tab in Budget Settings. The custom conditions determine which Prolog budget records are read and compared to the values in Job Cost.

3.3 - Contract Interface - Signed By Field

In previous versions, the Signed By field was not being populated when a contract was initially transferred to Job Cost (via the import process). It would however be updated later once the record already existed. This has been corrected so that the Signed By field is populated correctly the first time.