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Integrator 2.91.0025

What's new in Integrator version 2.91.25

Posted 12/17/2014 We strongly recommend that you read this information prior to upgrading. New versions may include new features that can help you, resolutions to known problems, and changes to supported environments.


1 - Compatibility

This version is required in order to support Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate version 14.1. Compatibility with current versions of Prolog and operating systems is unchanged.

2 - Corrections

  • Purchase Order Interface - This version corrects a database (Integrator database) upgrade issue with version 2.91.21 which resulted in certain new fields not being added to the PO Settings tables. This was resulting in a failure of the Purchase Orders interface. This has been corrected.
  • Budget Changes Interface - In previous versions, orphaned JC Transaction records (of type 'Approved Estimate Change') would result in an error. An orphaned transaction would be a situation where JC Transactions identify a specific JC Category or JC Cost Code under a job but that record no longer exists. This could occur if the code was zeroed out and then deleted, leaving the transactions behind.