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Integrator 2.92.0001

What's new in Integrator version 2.92.1

Posted 4/14/2015 We strongly recommend that you read this information prior to upgrading. New versions may include new features that can help you, resolutions to known problems, and changes to supported environments.


1 - Compatibility

Operating Environments

Support for Windows XP and Server 2003 is effectively discontinued with this release. Supported operating environments continue to include Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 (R2), and Windows Server 2012.


Versions of Prolog prior to Prolog 2008 are no longer supported with this release. Support continues for Prolog versions 2008 through 9.9.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Versions of Sage 300 CRE (i.e., Timberline) prior to 9.x are no longer supported with this release. Support continues for Sage 300 CRE versions 9.x through 14.1.

New Dependency

This version adds a new dependency on the Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0. This component is already part of current operating systems but can be downloaded (if needed), using the following link:

2 - New Features

  • Criteria for Purge Contract Invoices and Purge General Invoices - When using the "Purge Contract Invoices" or "Purge General Invoices" feature, you can now add custom criteria that will determine which invoices are purged (aside from selecting a specific project).
  • SQL 2005 Backward Compatibility - Integrator continues to rely on SQL-DMO (SQL Database Management Objects) for establishing and maintaining the structure of the Integrator database. This component is part of the SQL Server 2005 set of tools and consequently required a separate installation of the SQL Backward Compatibility components. These components are now installed automatically as part of the Integrator installation process.
  • Consolidated Logging - The error log, activity log, and trace logs have been combined into a single log file.

3 - Corrections

  • Emails from Unattended Operation - This release resolves an issue with the email feature. In the prior release, the program was enhanced to use an Event1-provided STMP account through which emails will be sent. This enhancement removes any issue having to do with compatibility of Exchange server configurations. This feature was not working correctly in all in environments in the prior release. This has been resolved.
  • Duplicate Cost Entries - In the prior release, a bug was introduced that affected how Integrator compares the cost entries already in Prolog to the cost entries (from Sage) that should be in Prolog. In the scenario where entries were being sent to Prolog in detail, and units were being tracked, and the description on entries was blank, Integrator was not completing the comparison correctly. This would result in numerous additional cost entries added to Prolog on each run. Although the entries would net to zero, they would ultimately have an undesirable effect on the uncommitted cost totals. This issue has been resolved.