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Integrator 2.92.0020

What's new in Integrator version 2.92.20

Posted 7/10/2017 We strongly recommend that you read this information prior to upgrading. New versions may include new features that can help you, resolutions to known problems, and changes to supported environments.


1 - Compatibility

  • Support for Sage v17.1 - This version of Integrator (or higher) is required in order to support Sage 300 CRE v17.1 or higher.

2 - Corrections

  • Budget Change Settings - In previous versions, if the file selection in the Budget Change Settings window was established by default, the settings would not be saved. This has been corrected..
  • Forecast Interface - In previous versions, the Forecast interface would produce numerous unnecessary zero-dollar entries. This has been corrected.
  • Quick-Start Feature - The Quick Start feature has been updated in order to correctly establish the size of the first budget group.