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Integrator 2.92.0021

What's new in Integrator version 2.92.21

Posted 3/7/2018 We strongly recommend that you read this information prior to upgrading. New versions may include new features that can help you, resolutions to known problems, and changes to supported environments.


1 - Compatibility

  • No changes to compatibility with Sage 300 CRE or Prolog occur with this release.

2 - Corrections

  • Budget Changes Interface - With Sage 300 CRE v17, an issue was identified whereby the Sage ODBC driver would cause a memory management error to occur when executing queries that contain dynamic parameters. This ODBC issue was worked around by dynamically building the SQL statement to include literal parameter values.
  • Project Registration (Sort Order) - Beginning with Sage 300 CRE v16, ODBC queries are not guaranteed to return data in primary key order. Consequently, the jobs displayed in the Project Registration window would not be in job number order. This issue has been resolved and the job list will now appear in order by job number.