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Integrator 2.92.0024

Posted 5/31/2018

We strongly recommend that you read this information prior to upgrading. New versions may include new features that can help you, resolutions to known problems, and changes to supported environments.


1 - Compatibility

  • No changes to compatibility with Sage 300 CRE or Prolog occur with this release. This version now uses the same version of an Event 1 shared component (E1CoreCOM) as the current versions of Sage Office Connector, Forecast, and Liberty Reports which allows Integrator to co-exist in the same environment as these other applications.

2 - Corrections

  • Budget Changes Interface – Added logic to confirm that a given JC Transaction file exists before attempting to accumulate transaction amounts from it.
  • Subcontract CO Settings – Corrected spelling error in the list of date fields that can be mapped in Subcontract CO Settings (“Revised Completion Daet” to “Revised Completion Date”).
  • Commitment CO Interface - Modified how the Commitment CO file is built so that all new Commitment Items are added to the file first; followed by all of the new Commitment COs. This is intended to work-around a current Sage bug whereby Sage seemingly adds new commitment items asynchronously causing related commitment CO items to be rejected when they appear next in the file (although this may only occur when using PJ for change management). By importing all of the new commitment items first, they will be done processing by the time the import process reaches the new commitment CO items in the file.
  • WBS Relationship Wizard - Corrected bug in WBS Relationship Wizard that would suppress subsequent steps that would be necessary for assigning values to unmapped budget groups.
  • WBS Relationship Wizard - The checkbox entitled "Test WBS Relationships" that appears at the end of the WBS Relationship Wizard would not result in the “Test WBS Relationships” window appearing at the conclusion of the wizard. This has been resolved.
  • WBS Relationship Wizard - Corrected bug in WBS Relationships wizard that would occur when Extras are not being tracked in Job Cost. This resulted in the Extra field being incorrectly mapped with no user interface options available to fix it. Now, settings for both Extra and Category are displayed even if those fields are not tracked. Also, the default mapping for Extra and Category have been corrected to account for cases where either or both of those fields are not used.
  • WBS Relationship Wizard - Fixed bug in the WBS Relationship Wizard that was causing an error when displaying this window.
  • Main Window – Updated the toolbar button that launches Sage 300 CRE so that it now launches Sage Desktop rather than TS-Main. The TS-Main application has been deprecate by Sage.
  • Recap List – In a prior update, a preview pane was added to the window that displays past recaps. The preview content consisted of the top portion of the recap. This included hyperlinks to content lower down in the document however the preview did not include these areas of the document. Consequently, the hyperlinks displayed in the preview pane would do nothing when clicked and may have resulted in some confusion. The hyperlinks have now been removed from the content that appears in the preview pane.
  • Database Connection – Integrator utilizes an SQL Server account named “SDKUser” to connect with the Prolog Manager database. Integrator normally establishes this account automatically when first connecting to a given Prolog Manager database. With more recent versions of SQL Server this functionality became broken. Consequently, the functionality to confirm and/or create the SDKUser account has been disabled for some clients (via an INI file setting) in order to avoid an error. This functionality has now been restored and Integrator will once again be able to verify and create the SDKUser account automatically when connecting to a Prolog Manager database.

3 - Enhancements

  • Contract Settings - Added option to Contract interface so that when the "Exchange Insurance Information" option is checked, the user has the option to enable or disable the exchange of insurance information by commitment type (subcontract or purchase order). By default, both types are enabled in order to perserve backward compatibility. Users can now de-select "Purchase Order" if they don't wish to integrate insurance information for that type.
  • Sage Macros – In prior versions Sage macros (used with Budgets, Budget Changes, Commitments, and Commitment Cos) could be executed asynchronously or synchronously. When run asynchronously, Integrator would continue to process the next task at the same time the Sage macro was executing. The ability to execute Sage macros asynchronously has been removed. Integrator will now wait for the Sage macro to complete before proceeding to the next task. If the maximum amount of time elapses, Integrator will terminate the process that is executing the Sage macro. If possible, text from any pop-up messages will also be gathered and included in the log file as well as the recap.