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Liberty Reports 1.00.0025

What's New in Liberty Reports 1.00.0025

Posted 10/13/2010

NoteBecause this is the initial publication of release notes, depending on when you last downloaded the software, you may already have some of the features and updates listed below.

The Short List

The details are all listed below, but here's the bottom line:

  • Software Update Manager - with automatic downloads and easy installation, now you can always benefit from the latest enhancements.
  • Connections - quickly and easily switch a given connection from one database to another.
  • Licensing - more scenarios are supported and the delivery of keys takes fewer clicks.
  • Technical Support - many enhancements to accelerate our ability to resolve issues for you.

Software Update Manager

  • Optional update notifications are provided on a schedule of your choosing.
  • Updates can be downloaded automatically or on demand.
  • Updates are downloaded to a central location and are automatically available to other computers.
  • Installation is always performed on demand, and can be initiated directly from the update notification window.
  • Update behavior can be configured per workstation or from the server.
  • All of your installed Event 1 Software products are managed in a single window.

Program Enhancements

  • Two new templates appear on the Liberty Reports Desktop - Job Cost Forecast by Cost Code, Job Cost Variance by Cost Code.
  • Added the ability to quickly and easily switch a given connection from one database to another.
    • You have always been able to create multiple connections to report on multiple databases in a given report, and also modify the connections using the Connection Manager window. This new feature is intended for reports where the user needs to quickly change from one database to another. For example, you might create a report using a connection with the name "switchable", and with a click of the new toolbar button be prompted with the list of databases that you can quickly switch to. One possible use of this feature might be to compare data in your live companies against a standard set of cost codes stored in a master database. In such a case, you would use the "switchable" connection to select from the list of live company databases.
  • The login window now remembers your user name.
  • The Function Wizard can now automatically fill down workbook functions upon insertion.
  • It is now possible to have table and field lists have either descriptive or internal names in the first column.
  • The process of creating connections is simpler, and uses more intelligent default values.
  • It is now possible to turn off some notification messages.
  • There are numerous updates to the user interface across the application.
  • New Workbook Functions:
    • DBUser - Takes a connection name and returns the name of the user currently logged in to the associated database. This function can be used to provide enhanced security by hiding or locking down certain parts of the report according to user name.
    • LRWindowsUserName - Returns the name of the user currently logged in to Windows. This function is primarily used for internal purposes, and will be essential for future security and customization features.
    • LRMachineName - Returns the name of the local computer. This function is primarily used for internal purposes.

Licensing Enhancements

  • Provides the ability to share a local license file with network users. For example, the license can be stored on the local drive of a Terminal Server, and also shared as a network floating license for other workstations on the LAN.
  • License Wizard
    • Automatically selects all licenses that have an ID.
    • Handles email and fax requests more smoothly, and allows previous email and fax requests to be easily canceled in favor of using the online option.
    • Adds the ability to copy the Activation Codes from the License grid when delivering license keys via telephone.
    • The License Results step now disables the Next button and sets the focus to the Close button because it was confusing to have it wrap around back to the start.
  • Now display additional details in the license information report, including the license ID and license file location.
  • Now suppresses unwanted licensing messages that would otherwise be displayed as a side effect of actions that initialize the licenses but don't require a concurrency.
  • Supports the ability to share a local license file that is in a shared subfolder of another share.
  • No longer enforces restrictions on permanent licenses when the clock has been rolled back, provided that the system date never exceeded the maintenance expiration date.

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 Compatibility

  • Testing has verified functionality under 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
    • Note that Excel must be a 32-bit version.
  • Now set Windows file permissions on key Event 1 folders to allow full control for all users.

Better Technical Support

  • Many enhancements to tracing and error logging combine to accelerate issue analysis.
  • The new ability to copy activation codes from the wizard reduces mistakes and accelerates the delivery of manual license keys delivered via WebEx.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue where it was not possible to log into a database where security had not been implemented.
  • Resolves an issue where a Designer concurrency would be re-acquired after having previously used a Designer feature, followed by closing all open workbooks (but leaving Excel open) and then using features that should only require a Standard concurrency.
  • Resolves an issue where new mapped drive letters could appear as a side effect of having a stand-alone license on the local drive.
  • Now have top-level error handling to prevent Excel from displaying too many messages in response to a crash (we have not received any reports of this happening yet).