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Liberty Reports 1.00.0026

What's New in Liberty Reports 1.00.0026

Posted 12/15/2010

Liberty Reports Desktop

  • It is now possible to sort reports by name or date modified.
  • Click the new Open Folder button to open the folder containing the reports in Windows Explorer.
  • The report template icons are now larger and more colorful.
  • The program now creates a default report folder at startup if none exist.

Query and Function Wizard

  • The Use descriptive names in the first column of table and column lists setting can now be changed while editing a query or function.
  • The ability to display internal or descriptive captions in the first column of the list has been extended to include the Edit Condition window.
  • Values that contain the & character no longer result in an underline being displayed on the Select Conditions step.
  • It is no longer possible to drag the conditions toolbar off of the wizard.
  • The conditions toolbar tip for "Switch to SQL view" now reads "Switch to text view".


  • Pending changes in the contact information are now saved when the user clicks Check for updates now so that the most current information is provided to the E1Updates component.
  • The older term "alias" has been updated to "connection" in a validation message on the Query and Function wizard.
  • The licensing wizard better handles scenarios where there are pending email or fax requests.