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Liberty Reports 1.00.0037

What's New in Liberty Reports 1.00.0037

Posted 10/14/2011

This version contains two exciting enhancements:

  • A new toolbar for Excel 2003 and a dedicated ribbon for Excel 2007 and above.
  • Automatic setup of databases for Sage Master Builder.

Toolbar and Ribbon

  • The Excel 2003 toolbar has been reorganized and enhanced with drop lists to provide convenient access to frequently used features.
  • In Excel 2007 and above, the toolbar has been upgraded to a dedicated Liberty Reports ribbon, greatly enhancing usability.
  • The graphics for the toolbar and ribbon have been updated.

Databases and Connections

  • Master Builder databases are now automatically detected at startup, eliminating the need to manually set up connections before using Liberty Reports.
  • Connections are no longer formatted in blue text to distinguish them from databases; instead, the list of databases and connections has been broken out into separate tabs on the Manage Databases and Connections window.
  • The title of the Change Connection window is now Select Database.
  • The Select Connection step of the Query and Function Wizards has been simplified by removing databases from what used to be a combined list of databases and connections. We also added the ability to select a different database for a given connection by right clicking it in the list.
  • A safeguard now prevents the Manage Databases and Connections window from being displayed at a size that is so small that it hides the connections list.

Other Enhancements

  • Newer versions of Liberty Reports that are not actually installed are no longer displayed in the Software Updates window.
  • The Environment Report now displays the location of the Excel folder.
  • The preview grid on the Query Wizard now
    • Correctly disables menu items on the pop-up menu on the Select Table step.
    • Correctly synchronizes customized column captions with the simple column list.
    • Applies column caption customizations to the correct column.
  • When using the Query and Function Wizards for the first time on a display of 1024x768 or smaller, the window is maximized to a void awkward window size and placement.
  • Liberty Reports no longer prompts for a database when using a manual connection in combination with certain workbook functions.
  • Now display a message when the Report Templates button is clicked and the Liberty Reports Desktop program can't be found.
  • There is now a View Trace Log button on the Technical Support screen of the Program Options window.
  • The report templates (New Report) and Job Cost Variance by Cost Code no longer contain custom properties that refer to Office Connector.