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Liberty Reports 1.00.0070

What's New in Liberty Reports 1.00.0070

Posted 9/29/2016 This maintenance update brings all Liberty Reports products into alignment on a single version. It also includes some minor bug fixes and major enhancements for new database releases.


  • General
    • Enhanced security with SHA 256 digital signatures on all templates and installers.
    • Now attempt release concurrency after SaveAsValues, if possible.
    • Eliminated the on-screen warning message for broken connections and instead skip directly to prompting for a replacement.
    • Added DrillDown support for a string of range to improve performance.
    • Adds a new function workbook, E1SF(), which returns the location of the Event 1 System Folder. Reports, licenses and other files are stored in subfolders of the Event 1 System Folder.
    • No longer return #CONNECTION or #DATABASE error messages to the spreadsheet when a database connection cannot be made or if the target connection alias does not exist.
  • Prolog Manager by Trimble
    • Updated extended schema XML file to include friendly captions for foreign keys.
  • Sage 100 Contractor
    • Adds support for version SQL Server v20 while maintaining compatibility with version 19.
    • Updated report suite for v20 and SQL Server.
    • New versions of Sage 100 Contractor will be automatically assumed to use the API to validate logins instead of requiring a program update to recognize the new version.
    • We now explicitly handle return code 10006 with the prompt, "You cannot log in because the supervisor has the company open with Exclusive access."
  • Builder MT - WMS
    • Incorporated database schema changes from Builder MT v5.5.
    • Now display user friendly captions for foriegn key names.

Fixed Bugs

  • 224 - With Automatic Startup Behavior, LR reports N queries failed to refresh if default database is not valid. Now we prompt instead.
  • 131 - Wizard does not differentiate multiple foreign keys to same table.
  • Now properly support schemas for table relationships, avoiding potential for malformed SQL after joining tables.

File Organization

  • Moved the Excel ribbon files into their own subfolder under Liberty Reports.
  • Moved the Desktop application into its own subfolder under Liberty Reports.