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What’s New In Liberty Reports

Posted 3/18/2020

Note - The following release notes represent the cumulative changes to Liberty Reports from version 2.0.124 through 2.0.208. This is only a list of the more noteable changes and is not an exhaustive list of all updates.


  • Performance of the refresh of Liberty Reports functions has been greatly enhanced relative to past versions.
  • Updated the installer to include a list of checkboxes allowing the user to select the applications that Liberty Reports will be used with. The options in the list are pre-selected by detecting installed software. Applications that are not detected are not displayed as options unless the user clicks a button to display them. If no supported applications are found, all options will be displayed. The options that the user selects during installation will affect the set of report tabs shown in Liberty Reports desktop as well as the type of connections advertised when using the designer wizards. Post installation, the selections can be updated by executing "Integrations.exe" found under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Event 1\Liberty Reports". These selections are per user profile.
  • Enhanced Sage Estimating reports (and the new-report templates) to include a new user interface for selecting the desired branch of the estimate catalog. The new user interface displays a popup window with the catalog as a tree with nodes that can be expanded or collapsed.

Resolved Issues


  • Resolved issue where the previous (legacy) version was not being automatically uninstalled before installing the new version. This would result in a mix of files in locations that were not intended and could lead to error messages. This has been resolved.

General Liberty Reports

  • Resolved issue that may occur with functions having a filter argument (such as DBFind, DBSum, DBAvg, DBMin, DBMax, or DBCount) with one or more parameters and the function would return an error message like "Invalid index 1 for this OleDbParameterCollection with Count=0".
  • Resolved issue where an error would be returned by a function if the table argument consisted of multiple joined tables.
  • Resolved issue where the sort order of the data was not being set for data being returned via the DBFind function when the tagle argument consisted of multiple joined tables.
  • Resolved issue on the Summarize step of the Query Wizard where the aggregate function (e.g., "Sum") would not actually be removed from a column when the user clicked "None".
  • Resolved issue where the startup behavior of the workbook would be changed from Manual to Automatic after re-opening the workbook.
  • Resolved issue with DBLookup function where default valeus would be used for keys that were not supplied which, in some cases, could result in unintended results.
  • Resolved issue with DBLookup where an error message like "#PARAMETER 0:Uinitialized argument - Excel might still need to calculate its value" would be returned if one of the key values supplied was blank.
  • Resolved issue where records were returned in an unordered sequence when multiple records satisifed the conditions of a DBFind. As a result, the offset argument would not result in the expected record based on the order-by clause of the passed SQL statement, or the primary key of the table. This has been resovled by maintaining the sequence of data returned by an SQL statement or by including an order-by clause based on the primary key if a table name was specified.
  • Resolved display issue that would cause the column-list in the Add Condition window to "jitter" visually.
  • Resolved issue with workbook startup behavior where data was saved with the report.
  • Resolved issue where a DB* function would return blank when an invalid column was specified rather than returning an error message identifying the problem.
  • Resolved issue with LRKeep where the LRKeep would only function as intended if the first row contained a literal value in the target column.
  • Resolved issue where Query Wizard or Function Wizard may become unresponsive when the edit button for the database is clicked and then the plus button is clicked to add another database of the same type.
  • Resolved issue where the user may receive a prompt to select a Sales Simplicity database after launching a report for Sage 100 Contractor and selecting a Sage 100 Contractor database.
  • Removed limitation that would prevent the use of the same database name for different database types.

For Sage 100 Contractor

  • Updated all Sage 100 Contractor reports to include query logic that works around the Excel 2016 Query Table issue. This issue is addressed for other templates by having the Excel2016QueryTableFix Excel Add-In installed and set to load in the correct sequence relative to other add-ins.

For Sage Estimating

  • Resolved compatibility issue with Excel 2010 in the report templates provided for Sage Estimating. The incompatibility was caused by the use of the IFNA function which is not supported by Excel 2010.
  • Resolved issue where Sage Estimating data was not being staged when the DBEvaluate function was called.
  • Resolved issue where a Sage Estimating report using staged data and that stores data with report would refresh data upon opening the saved report. This was due to the DBEvaluate function result not being saved with the workbook along with other function results.
  • Resolved issue where staged Sage Estimating data was not being removed automatically in some cases because the task was exceeding the time allowed by a Sage Estimating API timeout period. This has been resolved by extending the length of the timeout period.
  • Updated all Sage Estimating reports to include query logic that works around the Excel 2016 Query Table issue. This issue is addressed for other templates by having the Excel2016QueryTableFix Excel Add-In installed and set to load in the correct sequence relative to other add-ins.
  • Updated all Sage Estimating reports that prompt the user to select a branch from the estimate catalog. Previous versions depended on a database view that was only accessible by admin users. This has been resolved so that standard reports (including the new-report templates) work properly for non-admin users. This update also addresses an issue where the branches being displayed would include database branches as well as estimate branches. The list now only includes estimate branches.

For Vista by Viewpoint

  • Resolved issue that was preventing Liberty Reports from automatically joining tables for Vista by Viewpoint.

For Trimble Prolog

  • Resolved issue that was preventing users of Liberty Reports for Prolog from establishing a connection to the Prolog database.

For Builder MT - WMS

  • Resolved #REF formula error in the "Model Comparison Report" for WMS.