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Office Connector 2.02.0097

What's New in Office Connector 2.02.0097

Posted 4/8/2013

Resolved Issues

  • The Launch Pad now correctly displays reports when launched from the Sage Desktop.
  • A user with a permanent Designer license is now able to use a Standard evaluation license.
  • The Query wizard now forces BackgroundQuery to False because the default value has changed in some versions of Excel. Setting BackgroundQuery to False prevents problems with the OCRetain function that could otherwise occur.
  • The Function wizard now prevents conditions from the previous query or function from being applied to a new TSCount function when clicking Finish on the first step of the wizard.
  • Removed the unused optional parameter bvRetain from the OCSetConnection macro.
  • If the destination range of an OCDrillDown function contains multiple cells that consist of a single merged area, we now assign the new value just to the upper-left cell in the range.