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Office Connector 2.03.0006

What's New in Office Connector 2.03.0006

Posted 11/13/2013

New Features

  • Added the Workbook Function Selector button to the toolbar. The Workbook Function Selector lists all Office Connector workbook functions along with context help to make the full complement of Office Connector functions easily accessible for users with a Designer license.
  • Added a new template named JC Cash Flow Analysis by Job, which allows you to analyze your net increase or decrease to cash resulting from job activity such as cash receipts and costs paid. Note that this workbook requires Excel 2007 or above.
  • Added the ability to Drill Down to detail data in the AP Vendor Query template. The template has also been updated to support EFT and credit card transactions. The Paid Invoices query now uses the AP Transactions (current) table for payments. Hidden columns for the EFT and Credit Card Reference Number have also been added.
  • Added the TSSampleYear() workbook function to provide a best guess default year to use with sample data in canned reports. The intent is to allow the construction of reports that work on sample data without having to update the criteria with each major release.
  • When the user clicks Edit SQL and there are no queries, instead of showing the empty list we now display a message, "There do not appear to be any queries in this workbook."
  • Added logic to automatically offer to open the Licensing Window upon receiving a licensing failure message.
  • Added logic to automatically offer to open the email diagnostic attachments folder upon any failed attempt to send a technical support email.
  • Updated VBA digital certificate, now good until 2016.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issues in the PM Tenant Ledger by Tenant template that were preventing it from refreshing.
  • The environment report now recognizes Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 as operating systems.
  • Now avoid displaying a message (confusing to existing Designer users) about an expired Standard evaluation license.
  • Now allow the plus sign (+) as a character in file names.
  • The add-in now returns eReturnCodeCancel (32755) via the After_OCSaveAsValues event if the user cancels out of the initial Save As Values prompt. If instead the user proceeds, is prompted to confirm overwriting an existing file and then clicks Cancel or No, the Excel error number is returned (1004).
  • Now warn users when they attempt to insert a new query or function into locked cells on a protected worksheet.
  • Resolved Tracker 130813-004 - Cancelling the Excel Function Arguments window results in incomplete formula added. Now the original formula (if any) is restored when the user cancels the Excel Formula dialog.
  • Resolved Tracker 130916-002 - Unwanted behaviors when data function filter is too long, and when prompted, you specify a cell reference with the sheet name containing a space.
  • Resolved Tracker 130607-002 – for VBA macros, clear Err if event macros are not found.
  • Resolved Tracker 130813-007 - zzOCUpdateLink will error when multiple sheets are selected.
  • Resolved tracker 130823-001 - "Excel is not responding. This is probably due to a message being displayed by Excel..." by eliminating the Excel responsiveness test prior to long running actions like inserting a query or recalculating writes.