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Office Connector 2.03.0038

What's New in Office Connector 2.03.0038

Revision posted 6/24/2014

Resolved Issues

  • OCDrillDown functions no longer return #VALUE prior to the workbook being refreshed.
  • Resolved an issue where it was possible to launch the older version of the Launch Pad program, either from the Sage Desktop or from shortcuts the user created manually.

Originally posted 6/16/2014

New Features

  • The Launch Pad has been completely rewritten to add new features and pave the way for more.
  • Updated the Function Selector window to include more content and updated help.
  • Added support for UNC paths, eliminating the requirement for mapped drives.
  • Updated VBA digital certificate, now good until 2016.

Resolved Issues

  • Improved performance for the OCRetain function.
  • Save as Values now warns you if there is a protected worksheet and gives you the opportunity to cancel the process.
  • The Write JC Work In Progress template now works with Sage 12.1 and higher.
  • TSFind and TSLookup now correctly return timestamp field values as time values instead of dates.
  • OCDrillDown and TSWrite now check for empty parameters differently to avoid possibly interpreting 0 (zero) or FALSE as a missing parameter.
  • Improved the licensing message when a Standard license is requested but unavailable, and the Designer license cannot be used because of restricted permissions.
  • A few instances of uninteresting yet common error log entries have been removed.
  • Under Advanced Preferences, removed Prompt when opening un-optimized workbooks and added Show license monitor window.
  • Reorganized and streamlined the technical support toolbar buttons.
  • Eliminated some code that was providing backward compatibility for Excel XP.
  • The installer, add-in and templates have been digitally signed with a new Authenticode certificate.