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Office Connector 2.04.0012

What's New in Office Connector 2.04.0012

Posted 4/15/2015

This is a maintenance release containing several updated templates and bug fixes, especially for the GL Financial functions.

Resolved Issues

  • No longer show multiple prompts to show the license wizard when there are multiple expired licenses.
  • Consolidated the activity, error and trace logs into a single file.
  • Resolved tracker 14 - Hidden columns in GL Write Budget are displayed after 1st refresh.
  • Resolved tracker 20 - GL Financial Statements with Drill-Down - Sample Values are incorrect.
  • Resolved tracker 184 - Quick View - General Ledger Input description states to use Prefix A but should state to use the Prefix at the Fiscal Entity Level.
  • Resolved tracker 183 - Quick View - General Ledger dates labeled current period but querying fiscal end dates.
  • Resolved tracker 107 - Search for Transactions - General Ledger Account Parameter wild cards do not work.
  • Resolved tracker 164 - Batch Analyzer template has formula error on PM sheet in cells E9 and E17.
  • Resolved tracker 218 - Data validation makes the report more difficult to use.
  • Resolved tracker 185 - Quick View - Job Contract Values are for Base Job only and not adding the Extra Contract Values.
  • Resolved tracker 187 - Fix GL Financials Feature Code.
  • Resolved tracker 216 - TSWrite gets categorized under Liberty Reports in Excel's Insert Function dialog.
  • Resolved tracker 188 - After saving workbook as values it prompts to save when closing.
  • Resolved tracker 205 - TSGLAmount returns a 0 amount if the Prefix Fiscal Ending Date is not 12/31 and Period argument of 101-113 is used.
  • Resolved tracker 225 - GL Entity Comparison is linked to OfficeConnectorImport.xla because of TSISampleYear() function on Sample Values tab.
  • Resolved tracker 221 - Excel shows External Link prompt even when UpdateLinks is successful.
  • Resolved tracker 210 - TSGLPeriodDate return #VALUE or 0 if arguments are omitted except data folder.
  • Resolved tracker 227 - TSGLPeriodNumber returns #VALUE if all arguments omitted.
  • Resolved tracker 211 - For the TSGLPeriodNumber, you have to enter "" as the accounting date if you are not entering an accounting date or pointing to a cell value or else it returns 0.
  • Resolved tracker 212 - TSGLAmount returns #Value or 0 if optional arguments are left blank.
  • Resolved tracker 228 - TSGLAmount function with Budget Type of a "PeriodBudgetCash" and related returns error when fiscal year and date are more than 6 months into future.
  • Resolved tracker 203 - License change causes Windows Explorer window to open after installation complete.