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Office Connector 2.04.0021

What's New in Office Connector 2.04.0021

Posted 7/15/2015

This is a maintenance release containing several updated templates and bug fixes, especially for the GL Financial functions.

New Features

GL Financial templates have been enhanced to support calendar-period reporting. This will be of benefit to companies who have a fiscal year that does not end 12/31 but still wish to produce financial statements based on the calendar year.

Resolved Issues

  • Redesigned the Launch Pad to share a common code base with the Liberty Reports Desktop, and inherited some usability enhancements as a result.
  • Addressed nuances with licensing the GL Financials features.
  • Eliminated confirmation prompts when enabling tracing.
  • Fixed bugs and made usability improvements on the Send Technical Support Email window.
  • Reduced the log file size and overall storage demands by creating a new file for each day and deleting older files.
  • Addressed multi-threading issues that could otherwise lead to the wrong application title being used in the log file.
  • Moved the installation of the Sage report menu integration component into a subfolder.
  • Resolved tracker 494 - Wrong icon displayed for primary key fields.
  • Resolved tracker 537 - TSGLAmount Data Folder argument is no longer working, only uses current data folder.