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Office Connector 2.02.0060

What's New in Office Connector 2.02.0060

Posted 9/1/2010

The Short List

The details are all listed below, but here's the bottom line:

  • Office Connector Starter - added security and improved user feedback.
  • Licensing - more scenarios are supported and the delivery of keys takes fewer clicks.
  • Maintenance - updates for newer Excel features and changes in the Windows operating system.
  • Technical Support - many enhancements to accelerate our ability to resolve issues for you.

General Enhancements

  • Added the ability to control access to Office Connector Starter functionality using the Office Connector Administrator.
  • Added support for ListObjects (created when you select Format as Table in Excel):
  • Save As Values is more robust and efficient.

User Feedback

  • Added the ability to turn the progress meter off.
  • Modified the "invalid user name or password" message to contain a bullet list that outlines the possible causes for the failure.
  • Modified the "permission denied" messages for Office Connector Starter to indicate if the functionality is unsupported or if the action was explicitly denied by Office Connector Administrator.
  • Modified the Viewer Mode message to include "access to Timberline" as a possibility instead of simply reporting that Timberline does not appear to be installed.

Licensing Enhancements

  • Provides the ability to share a local license file with network users. For example, the license can be stored on the local drive of a Terminal Server, and also shared as a network floating license for other workstations on the LAN.
  • License Wizard
    • Automatically selects all licenses that have an ID.
    • The License Results step now disables the Next button and sets the focus to the Close button because it was confusing to have it wrap around back to the start.
    • Adds the ability to copy the Activation Codes from the License grid when delivering license keys via telephone.
    • Prevents the License Wizard from being used in Viewer Mode.
  • System Information Report
    • Now shows the license ID for all of the licenses.
    • For the Event 1 System Folder, now displays the logical drive type, Standalone/Shared type and the value as stored in the registry.
  • Now suppresses unwanted licensing messages that would otherwise be displayed as a side effect of actions that initialize the licenses but don't require a concurrency.
  • Supports the ability to share a local license file that is in a shared subfolder of another share.
  • No longer enforces restrictions on permanent licenses when the clock has been rolled back, provided that the system date never exceeded the maintenance expiration date.

Better Technical Support

  • Added the Launch Pad activity log and Sage Starter installation log to the Technical Support Email attachments.
  • Many enhancements to tracing and error logging combine to accelerate issue analysis.
  • The new ability to copy activation codes from the wizard reduces mistakes and accelerates the delivery of manual license keys delivered via WebEx.

Bug Fixes

  • The Write GL Budget template no longer writes all periods to period 1.
  • Restored the ability to free concurrencies without having to close Excel.
  • The Ignore Missing Tables setting has been updated to accommodate a change in the Timberline ODBC driver.
  • Resolved a case sensitivity issue that could cause Launch Pad templates to be read from the application folder instead of the Event 1 System Folder when running as a published application under Citrix.
  • The Conditions step now generates the correct syntax for Null memo fields.
  • It is no longer possible to drag the Criteria toolbar off of the Query / Function Wizard.
  • No longer display a duplicate "permission denied" message that used to be shown under a particular circumstance.
  • TSWrite functions that write to multiple columns using the CreateOnly action no longer fail.
  • Now have top-level error handling to prevent Excel from displaying too many messages in response to a crash.
  • No longer generate SQL errors when using the Query Wizard to change the table for an existing query that already has conditions that apply to the original table.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the workbook from being automatically refreshed on open if Save data with report is on, but there actually isn't any saved data.