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Office Connector Import 1.00.0016

What’s New in Office Connector Import 1.00.0016

Posted 8/27/2010


  • Resolves issues in the GL Budget file format.
  • License Wizard
    • Automatically selects all licenses that have an ID.
    • The License Results step now disables the Next button and sets the focus to the Close button because it was confusing to have it wrap around back to the start.
    • Adds the ability to copy the Activation Codes from the License grid when delivering license keys via telephone.
    • Prevents the License Wizard from being used in Viewer Mode.
  • System Information Report
    • Now shows the license ID for all of the licenses.
    • For the Event 1 System Folder, now displays the logical drive type, Standalone/Shared type and the value as stored in the registry.
  • Supports the ability to share a local license file that is in a shared subfolder of another share.
  • No longer enforces restrictions on permanent licenses when the clock has been rolled back, provided that the system date never exceeded the maintenance expiration date.