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Office Connector Import 1.01.0011

What's New in Office Connector Import 1.01.0011

Posted 5/29/2012

New Features

This is a significant update, including a designer wizard and better integration with Import Tasks.

  • A wizard can now be used to create Import formulas, which requires its own designer license.
  • You now have the option to automatically launch the Import Task after the import file is saved.
  • It is now possible to try the software using an evaluation license.
  • Event Macros – you can now call macros that you record to run at specific time, for example just before refreshing data, so you can carry out steps tied to events in the workbook. See the complete documentation here.
  • OCIUpdateLinks macro can be called to ensure proper functioning for protected workbooks that are shared on machines that have the add-in installed to different locations. See the complete documentation here.