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Office Connector Import 1.01.0032

What's New in Office Connector Import 1.01.0032

Posted 12/19/2013


  • Added the new OCIWorkbook function that optionally returns the folder, file name and/or extension of the workbook itself.
  • Added an Open in New Browser button to the File Formats window so you can open the file format in a separate window and Alt+Tab between the workbook and the help in the browser window.
  • Added a link to the e1Import documentation for the file format to file definition displayed in control panel.
  • Added logic to automatically offer to open the email diagnostic attachments folder upon any failed attempt to send a technical support email.

Maintenance and Resolved Issues

  • Updated VBA digital certificate, now good until 2016.
  • The installer no longer reports that ST6UNST.EXE is missing on some Terminal Server environments.
  • Resolved Tracker 131004-002 - Err.Number is not cleared in macros that trigger unimplemented events.
  • Resolved Tracker 130821-001 - Canceling the "Save Import File" dialog has a return code of 0 in the After_WriteImportFiles function.
    • Clicking Cancel now results in the return code of eReturnCodeCancel = 32755.
    • When there are no values to import, the return code is lpcRC_NothingToDo = 1.
  • Resolved Tracker 24 - Import crashes Sage 300CRE AP when user selects the MTI and a username and password has not been established.