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Office Connector 2.02.0030

What's New in Office Connector 2.02.0030

Posted 8/19/2009

The Short List

  • This version provides much faster performance for users who utilize “persistent caching”.
  • Based on the concept of the available-for-purchase “Retain” VBA module, the new OCRetain function has been redesigned for the enterprise and integrated into the core software – at no additional cost to you! Watch the video!
  • New reports have been added to the launch pad, including JC Job List with Maps and Weather, JC Transactions and PM Lease Expiration List.
  • There have been many improvements to the usability of the software.

New Features

  • The four possible settings for “Persistent Caching” have been replaced by a single check box, Save data with report.
    • The “Persistent Caching” feature applied only to workbook function results. Save data with report treats queries and function results as a single, unified concept.
    • Load times have been drastically reduced.
    • The progress meter displays real-time updates when the cache is large.
  • The new workbook function, OCRetain, keeps manually-entered data on the correct rows when an adjacent query is refreshed. No VBA is required to manage the process.
  • Office Connector workbook functions that do not have a custom wizard now can be conveniently accessed using the Excel Insert Function dialog under the Office Connector 2.x category.
  • Wizard enhancements
    • Queries are now inserted with the columns automatically sized to fit the data.
    • You can now sort the Tables and Fields lists.
    • The Find feature has been expanded to search the Tables list by table and file name, and search the Fields list by custom description and dictionary name.
  • Added the FirstRefresh workbook property so you can control if and when Office Connector prompts to refresh data.
  • Once you have logged in to Timberline using Office Connector, it will no longer prompt for the operator ID and password when changing data folders during a given Excel session. There is a checkbox on the Advanced tab of the Preferences window that you can use to disable this enhancement.
  • Expanded the OCVersion workbook function to include the version number of both the add-in and the DLL.
  • Added the TSVersion workbook function to return the Timberline “CD version”.

Updated User Interface

  • Operator Selection window now displays the data folder being accessed.
  • Rearranged the Advanced preferences to improve access to the most commonly-used settings. Also removed some rarely-used settings and added new settings to go along with new features in this release.
  • Improved labels and added tool tips to the Query and Function Wizards and the Preferences window.

Improved Messaging

  • Added a check for over 65336 rows being in the cache for Excel 2003 and prior, and display a message notifying the user that not all of the cache can be saved (but that Excel 2007 and above can save over a million rows).
  • Changed “Permission Denied” in the Write results report to “Specific Permission Required” to avoid confusing Office Connector module permissions with Timberline and Windows File permissions.
  • Added a message after the user licenses Office Connector - Write that indicates the need to install the administrator program.

New Macros for VBA

  • The OCWrapQueryTables macro allows you to use VBA to copy and paste template worksheets that contain queries, and then refresh them without requiring the user to interact with the toolbar.
  • The OCStoreValues and OCRestoreValues macros allow you to manage OCRetain activity manually.
  • The OCLogError and OCTrace macros allow you to write your own information to the Office Connector error and trace logs.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the license concurrency would not be released until all workbooks were closed.
  • Resolved an issue where using custom SQL statements or hand-typed filters with workbook functions could cause a workbook to load slowly.
  • Resolved an issue where the persistent cache could be lost if the last function evaluated prior to saving referenced a missing table (for example, a NEW file that had been posted).
  • Implemented a faster, case-sensitive cache.
  • Added error handlers for when Excel passes an ERROR as a parameter to an Office Connector workbook function.
  • Office Connector now attempts to automatically recover from catastrophic errors (Error 91).
  • Fixed a bug in the list of In values in the Add Condition window where case insensitivity was leading to “duplicate” errors.
  • Support section on the System Information report will no longer be blank when the Internet is unreachable.