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Office Connector 2.04.0045

What's New in Office Connector 2.04.0045

Posted 10/7/2016

This release provides compatibility with Sage 300 CRE version 16.x and Excel 2016.

New Features

  • Modified ODBC DSN settings to be compatible with the new Simba driver in Sage 300 CRE version 16.x
  • Resolved tracker 581 - Now release concurrency after SaveAsValues, if possible. Also added tracing of that outcome.
  • Report templates have been updated and digitally signed with a SHA 256 digital certificate.
  • Added the Excel 2016 QueryTables Fix add-in, which addresses bugs in Excel 2016 until Microsoft can fix them.
  • Data Folder Selection
    • Now avoid loading data folders into the list when they are inaccessible on disk; file security can then be used as a way to hide data folders that do not apply to particular users or groups.
    • Resolved and issue where duplicate folders could prevent the full list from being loaded.
    • Added a fallback method to load the folder list in case the Sage API isn't working by reading the XML data in Cpl.csr.

  • Added the OCE1SF() workbook function and removes the related IdentifyOCReportsFolder.xlsm from distribution.
  • Graphics updated for Sage 300 CRE version 16.x

Resolved Issues

  • DrillDown
    • Added a timeout so the user can cancel or keep waiting for a DrillDown operation to finish. This also addresses situations in certain workbooks where Excel always reports that calculations have not completed.
    • Corrected "indirect" interpretation of literal strings so it only applies to Destination arguments, thus preventing accidental interpretation of source values as cell addresses.
    • Changed how we fill down formulas to work around an issue introduced in Excel 2016. This new behavior can be manually overridden by adding an INI file entry, RetainFillDownStyle which can be assigned "AutoFill" or "FillDown".

  • Financial Functions
    • Resolved tracker 683 - changed partner percentage from Currency to Single to extend precision and avoid truncating fractional percentages.
    • Fixed a case-sensitivity issue with prefixes. For example: customer creates a Company prefix "AA" and then proceeds to add accounts under it. Since Sage can be setup to allow mixed case in the account numbers, they proceed to create accounts "aa-5001", "Aa-5002", and "aA-5003". None of these accounts were being picked up when specifying prefix "AA" because the LIKE operator is case sensitive.
    • Increased Period from an Integer to a Long.

  • Moved the OC Desktop application into its own subfolder.
  • Removed some benign logging entries that were bloating the log.
  • Removed incorrect tooltip on the License Monitor checkbox in Advanced Options.