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Office Connector 2.04.0056d

What's New in Office Connector 2.04.0056d

Posted 9/11/2017

New Features

  • Office Connector Financials
    • Updated selected reports to allow selection of “Fiscal” or “Calendar” period types.
    • Updated selected reports to include an option to easily add more columns to the Prefix Lists worksheet.
    • Enhanced all reports to suppress queries from refreshing when opened in order to allow the user an opportunity to first enter the desired parameter values.
  • Office Connector Desktop
    • Now ensures that Office Connector add-in(s) are set to load before launching a report. This includes re-enabling the add-in if it was previously disabled for some reason.
    • Now ensures the “Excel 2016 QueryTable Fix” add-in is the last add-in to be loaded by Excel (which is a requirement for it to work correctly).
  • Office Connector Add-In
    • Upon opening an Office Connector workbook under Excel 2016, now checks to see if the “Excel 2016 QueryTable Fix” add-in is loaded and will load it if needed.

Resolved Issues

  • Office Connector Financials
    • Resolved bug that would result in slow performance when a report uses budget values and no budget types have been defined in Sage.
  • Excel 2016 Query Table Fix
    • Updated the “Excel 2016 QueryTable Fix” add-in in order to eliminate information being unnecessarily written to the log file.
  • Office Connector Add-In
    • Resolves issue with OCDrillDown that may occur if one or more arguments is an invalid reference (#REF).