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Office Connector Import 1.01.0044

What's New in Office Connector Import 1.01.0044

Posted 10/14/2016

This release adds digital certificates, resolves known issues and adds support for importing JC transactions in Sage 300 CRE versions 15 and 16.

Maintenance and Resolved Issues

  • Added support for Sage 300 CRE versions 15 & 16 when importing JC transactions.
  • The add-in and all example templates are now signed with a SHA 256 digital certificate.
  • Tracker 679 - JC Estimate (ocq).xlt - Resolves #NAME by re-pointing the cell reference to the Estimate Date.
  • Tracker 654 - Updated "Standard" license description to use the word "Features".
  • Fixed bugs and made usability improvements on the Send Technical Support Email window.
  • Eliminated confirmation prompts when enabling tracing.
  • Reduced the log file size and overall storage demands by creating a new file for each day and deleting older files.
  • Moved the e1Import executable and supporting files into their own subfolder, STOJCTran.
  • Addressed multi-threading issues that could otherwise lead to the wrong application title being used in the log file.