Setup Workstations

Watch a video that shows how to do this.

This operation applies to any workstations where the Buyout application will be used, but do not require any of the administration tools such as Buyout Database Manager or Buyout License Administration.

  1. Launch the Buyout installer (e.g., setup-buyout-x86-2.00.xxxx.msi).
  2. When prompted to select the Buyout components to be installed, check the box for Buyout Application and uncheck all other boxes.
  3. Complete the installation.
  4. Start the Buyout Application. The first time that you start Buyout, you will be prompted to specify your Buyout License Server. In the Computer name box, enter the name (or IP address) of the computer that is running the Buyout License Service and click OK. Click here for more information.