Model Project

Prolog Manager allows the budget code structure to be defined individually for each project in the database (via Admin - Budget Code Structure Setup). Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Job Cost, on the other hand, defines its coding structure globally for all jobs within a given database.

In order to facilitate integration, the coding structure of the two systems must be mapped so that Integrator can translate codes from one to the other. This relies on having a single coding structure within Prolog Manager that all projects being integrated (under the same Integrator connection) utilize. In order to communicate to Integrator what that coding structure is, a single Prolog Manager project is identified that represents the coding structure that will be used. All of the projects that are being integrated will be expected to have a budget code structure that matches the budget code structure of this specific project; called the "Model Project".

The model project does not need to be a real project or a project that is selected for integration. It may simply be a shell that contains the budget code structure but will never contain any project data. Taking this approach helps to guarantee that the model project will remain in the Prolog Manager database long term (and not be closed or archived in the future).

If no model project is selected, Integrator will select the first project found in the database as the model project.

When performing integration tasks for a given project, Integrator will compare the project's budget code structure to the budget code structure of the model project. If the two budget code structures do not match, the project will be skipped and an alert will be included on the recap report identifying the difference(s). The specific properties of the budget code structure that are compared are:

  • In Use
  • Number Of Characters
  • Order In Code
  • Separator
  • Show In Code

To view the budget code structure of either the model project or a specific project, open Prolog Manager, go to the Admin menu and select Budget Code Structure Setup. Note that if spaces are included in the separator character column, this may not be visibly apparent. Double-click inside the cell and then select all characters (which can be accomplished by pressing Home and then Shift+End).