Select Prolog Manager Database

File > New Connection - Select Prolog Manager Database

This step of the wizard requires that you specify the name of a Prolog Manager database. A database may be selected from the databases or you may type the name of the database.

RefreshRefreshes the list of known Prolog Manager databases.
Large IconsDisplays the list of databases as large icons.
Small IconsDisplays the list of databases as small icons.
ListDisplays the list of databases as a simple list.
DetailsDisplays the list of servers as list with details.

The name of the desired database can be typed in this field. If a database is selected from the list, its name will be placed in this field automatically.

Server List

This list displays a list of the Prolog Manager databases that reside on the server that was selected in the previous step. This list does not include all databases that reside on the server. A given database is included in this list if its list of user names includes the name`"MPSUser". This user name was created and assigned to the database when it was created via Prolog Administrator.


Goes back to the previous step of the wizard.


Proceeds to the next step of the wizard.


Dismisses the window and cancels the creation of the new connection.