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Prolog Quantity UOM

Use this setting to control whether the Qty Unit of Measure field will be populated on Budget Code records created or updated by Integrator. There are two options to select from:

  • Cost Unit Description - Cost Unit descriptions are stored with each JC Category record. Categories normally represent the further breakdown of a cost code for things like labor, material, subcontract, equipment, etc. Cost Unit descriptions therefore apply to the category and with labor or equipment, for example, would often be "Hours" if used.
  • Production Unit Description - Production Unit descriptions are stored with each JC Cost Code record. Production Units normally consist of things like "cubic yards", "linear feet", "square fee", "each", "tons", etc. Since there may be more than one category below a cost code and Integrator will create a separate Budget Code for each category, if you select this option, each Budget Code that is related to the same cost code will have the same Production Unit description taken from the cost code.
Exclude unused categories

This option exists in order to prevent the unnecessary addition of Budget Codes to your Prolog database. For example, when defining Standard Cost Codes in Job Cost, it is possible to identify a list of the Standard Categories that are normally used with a given Cost Code. This automates the creation of JC Category records under a job because when the Cost Code is added to the job, JC Category records will also be added under the Cost Code based on the list that was entered on the Standard Cost Code record. In some cases, this means that JC Category records are added to a Job but may never actually be used. If you check this box, Integrator will skip JC Category records that meet the following conditions:

  • Original Estimate = 0
  • Original Estimate Units = 0
  • Status = Unstarted (the status moves to In-Progress automatically the first time actual costs are posted to it)