Setup > Budget Code Settings - Interface


Interface Status

Use these options to control whether or not Extra, Cost Code, and Category information will be integrated from Job Cost to Prolog.

  • Do not interface - No company/vendor information will be exchanged.
  • One way, Sage 300 CRE to Prolog - Job Cost Extras, Cost Codes, and Categories will be used to create or update Budget Codes and their associated Budget Group Lookup Lists in Prolog.
Allow override

Check this box if you want the ability to deselect the exchange of budget codes when executing integration tasks interactively.

Actions to perform

Check the boxes in this area to control which types of records will be created or updated. Some options may be disabled depending on the Interface Status.

  • Prolog - Add new records - Check this box if you want Integrator to add new budget code records to Prolog
  • Prolog - Update existing records - Check this box if you want Integrator to update existing budget code records in Prolog
Retain history of exchanged data

This box is unchecked by default. If checked, a record of each change made to Prolog budget codes is recorded in the Integrator database. This type of history is for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes only and is only accessible via external database query tools. With this box checked, data will accumulate in history tables causing the Integrator database to grow in size over time.