Setup > Company Settings - Contacts

Use the Link Tree on this tab to identify how Accounts Payable contact fields should be populated from Prolog company contacts and vice versa. Note that bi-directional links only apply if the Interface Status is set to Bi-directional. Otherwise, single-direction links are all that is needed in order to identify what an original value (in the source data) should become (with an arrow pointing to it) in the destination.

Note that Accounts Payable has two contact fields (Contact 1 and Contact 2). These contacts may be linked to any of the three predefined contact names in Prolog or the main contact.

Often, the contact names used by Accounts Payable will be different roles or individuals than the contact names used by users of Prolog. It is therefore not necessary to link any contacts. If, for example, you know that Contact 1 in Accounts Payable is always used to identify the insurance contact, you could link that to the insurance contact in Prolog.