Category – Formatting

Setup > WBS Relationship Wizard - Category Field - Formatting

This step is displayed because Prolog Manager will always pad Budget Group values with leading zeros in order to fill all available characters. For example, if the Budget Group for Category is defined in Prolog as a three-character field, Category "L" will be recorded in Prolog as "00L". Unlike Prolog, Job Cost does not automatically pad values with leading zeros. Therefore Category "L" in Job Cost would simply be Category "L". Also, Job Cost would consider Category "00L" to be a distinctly different Category from "L". A consistent way of translating from one to the other is therefore required.

When translating from Prolog Manager, should Integrator assume that the Job Cost - Category will have leading zeros to fill all available characters in the field?
  • Yes - Click this option if you enter leading zeros when setting up Categories (under Job Cost: Setup > Standard Categories) so that all available character positions are filled.
  • No - Click this option if you do not enter leading zeros when setting up Categories. With this option selected, when Integrator translates a Category value from Prolog to Job Cost, it will remove leading zeros. When translating from Job Cost to Prolog, it will add leading zeros as needed.