Extra Field – Usage

Setup > WBS Relationship Wizard - Extra Field - Usage

Extras (which may be labeled differently for your company) in Job Cost function like sub-jobs in that a given job may contain zero or more Extras. Each Extra consists of its own set of Cost Codes and Categories much like how the base job is broken down.

This step of the wizard is presented when Integrator detects that Job Cost is setup to allow Extras to be used. The options in this step therefore pertain to how the Extra should map to data in Prolog. The two options that Integrator provides are:

  • The Extra field will be associated with one of the Prolog Budget Groups that is part of each Budget Code
    Selecting this option means that there will be a one-to-one relationship between the Jobs and Projects you are integrating. If a Job is broken down into Extras, the Extras will be represented in the Prolog Manager Project as a separate set of Budget Codes where one of the segments (Budget Groups) of the Budget Code identifies the Extra. If you select this option, you will be asked in the next step to identify which of the six Prolog budget groups corresponds to the Extra field.
  • The Extra field is part of the Prolog Project Number. Therefore, the Prolog Project Number will consist of the combination of the JC Job and the JC Extra fields.
    Selecting this option means that one Job may be represented by one or more Projects in Prolog Manager. One Project would represent the base job (with no Extra) and there would need to be additional projects setup for each Extra. Each Extra is therefore tracked in Prolog as its own Project. If you select this option, you will be prompted to enter a separator character that will be used to separate the Job and Extra values within the Project Number.