Job Field – Formatting

Setup > WBS Relationship Wizard - Job Field - Formatting

The Job Cost - Job field is always mapped to the Prolog Manager - Project Number field (specifically the Number). In Job Cost, the Job field may be defined to consist of one to three sections with a separator character between each section. This step of the wizard identifies the format of the Job field defined in Job Cost (including the sections and separator characters).

Will Project Numbers in Prolog Manager also have separator characters between the sections of the job number?

To answer this question, you may wish to inspect and compare the following fields for an existing project:

  • Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate: Setup > Jobs - Job field
  • Prolog Manager: File > Portfolio Manager - Sequence field

Answer the above question by selecting from one of these options:

  • Yes if the two values are identical, including formatting (sections and separator characters)
  • No if the value in Prolog Manager is identical except that separator characters are not included between the sections
    Example: Prolog Manager = "03001" and Job Cost = "03-001"

If neither answer is applicable, consult with your Integrator consultant for further guidance.