Database Types

When used in the context of Liberty Reports, the term Database Type refers the type of Application Software and the Database Management System used to manage the application data. Liberty Reports is licensed based on connectivity to specific Database Types and on the ability to either use reports or design and use reports for the specific Database Type.

Database TypeApplication SoftwareDatabase Management System
MPS-PrologTrimble Prolog ManagerMicrosoft SQL Server
SMB-AccountingSage 100 ContractorMicrosoft Visual FoxPro
Microsoft SQL Server
Builder MT - WMSBuilder MT - WMSFirebird SQL
SQLServer*Microsoft SQL Server
Application Software Specific Types

In each case above where a name appears in the Application Software column, the connectivity used by Liberty Reports has been tailored specifically for that application. This means that Liberty Reports is aware of attributes unique to the application such as:

  • How to guide you through the selection of a database in an intuitive way.
  • How to display user-friendly captions for database tables and columns.
  • How to join database tables when more than one table is used in a single query.

This results in a very user-friendly and intuitive experience.

Application Software Neutral Types

In each case above where there is an asterisk in the Application Software column, Liberty Reports can connect to any database used with the specific Database Management System. Although this provides access to a larger number of different databases, the connectivity has not been tailored for any given application or database. In this case, Liberty Reports relies only on the information revealed by the database itself which might not include user-friendly captions, and how to join tables.