Function Reference

Liberty Reports provides an array of functions that can be used in your Excel formulas to return information from your database or to serve other purposes in the design of a report. These functions can be used like other Excel functions that you may already be familiar with (such as SUM, IF, or VLOOKUP).

The more commonly used functions can be inserted into your worksheet using the Function Wizard. The less commonly used functions can be inserted using the fx button on the Excel toolbar or by typing the function with the correct syntax and set of arguments.

The set of Liberty Reports functions are organized into the following groupings:

Environment FunctionsProvides information about the current working environment. These functions can be useful if you need to know the name of the computer, the current user, or the version of Liberty Reports.
Database FunctionsReturn distinct values or aggregate values from your database. These functions are often an integral part of a report design.
Helper FunctionsOften used in conjunction with other functions (or queries), these functions make certain tasks easier.
Miscellaneous FunctionsVarious functions that provide automation or information about the current context.