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Installing Your Software

Liberty Reports is a client application meaning that it is installed on the workstations and not on a file server. Specifically, the workstation environment in which you run Microsoft Excel is where Liberty Reports must be installed. This may be either a network workstation (such as a desktop or notebook computer), or it may be a Terminal Server or Citrix Server that you login to when using Microsoft Excel.

NOTE - Liberty Reports may be installed on as many workstation environments as you wish. The shared floating licenses control how many workstations can use the software at the same time.

Follow these steps to install Liberty Reports in each workstation environment:

  1. Extract the installation programThe file that you downloaded from the Event 1 Software website is a compressed self-extracting file. Locate this file using Windows Explorer and double-click on it. The following window will be displayed:

    Click OK and then the following window will display. By default, the installation program will be stored under C:\Event1 however you can change this to a different path if necessary.
    Click Unzip to extract and launch the installation program.
  2. Accept the End User License AgreementThe installation program will display the End User License Agreement. You must select the applicable country and click accept in order to continue. Doing so indicates your acceptance of the terms of the agreement. If you would like to review the agreement or print it, you can open the appropriate EULA_*.rtf file located in the folder where the installation program was extracted to.
  3. Read any Pre-Setup NotificationsWith some versions, a special document may be included and displayed at this point during the installation. This may include important information about upgrading, compatibility, or licensing. Be sure to read this documentation before proceeding. Failure to follow any specific instructions conveyed in this document could result in a billable technical support incident.
  4. Specify the License Location

    To allow other people in your company to use the software (and for your licenses to float as needed between computers), click Shared. You must then provide a network path that will be accessible by all users. This path will contain your license information as well as other files that are shared between users (such as pre-built report designs). When setting up subsequent workstations, be certain to specify the same network path for the license location.
    Selecting Standalone will cause the license to be stored on the machine that you are performing the installation on. This would be the desired option if you intend to run the software stand-alone in order to support the use of it with a local copy of your database while disconnected from the network.
  5. Complete the InstallationClick Next and follow the prompts to allow the installation to be completed.