Function Wizard

This wizard guides you through the steps to add formulas to your worksheet that use Liberty Reports functions. Many report designs utilize a Liberty Reports functions as one of the primary building blocks for a report. Functions are often placed at the beginning or ending of a report, or adjacent to columns of a query.

The wizard will lead you through the following steps. Note that some steps only apply to specific functions.

  1. Database Connection
  2. Select Function
  3. Select Table
  4. Select Columns
  5. Select Conditions
  6. Supply Key Values (DBLookup only)
  7. Columns to Count (DBCount only)
  8. Options

Common Wizard Buttons

The following buttons that appear at the bottom of the window are common to each step:

CancelDismisses the wizard without inserting any formulas.
BackMoves back to the prior step in the wizard.
NextMoves forward to the next step in the wizard provided you have completed any required selections in the current step.
FinishDismisses the wizard and inserts one or more formulas into the worksheet.