Use this tab of the Manage Databases and Connections window to manage the list of connections that are available for use with Liberty Reports within the current workbook. By default, a connection appears on this list for each type of database that has been installed and licensed for use with Liberty Reports.

Connection List

The Name column shows the name of the connection. For the default connections created by Liberty Reports, the name will reflect the type of database. The Connects To column identifies the Database name (identified on the Databases tab) that the connection is currently using. If no database has been selected yet, the value in the Connects To column will be Unassigned - You will be prompted to select a database.


Displays the Create New Connection to Database window allowing you to identify and name a new connection to be added to the list and the database that should be used.


Removes a connection from the list (with a prompt to confirm this action). If the connection is one of the default connections automatically provided by Liberty Reports, it cannot be removed from the list. Note that removing a connection will cause queries and worksheet functions that use it to stop working.


Displays the Connection to Database window allowing you to select the database that a connection should use and also set the startup behavior relative to opening the workbook and when a refresh of the connection's data should be triggered..