Startup Behavior

This term is used to identify what should happen when opening a workbook containing Liberty Reports queries and functions is opened. This pertains to the prompts a user might receive and whether data should be refreshed or the refresh should be deferred until later.

AutomaticRefresh if needed (workbooks that use the Save data with report option will not automatically refresh)
This is the default selection when creating a new connection. In this case, the database that was previously used by the connection in the workbook will be used when data is refreshed. If the Save data with report option was selected for the workbook, no refresh will occur and no connection to the database will be made until you click Refresh or perform an action that requires a connection. If the Save data with report option was not selected for the workbook, then upon opening the workbook a connection will be established to the database (which may require you to enter login credentials) and data will be refreshed.
ManualWait until I initiate the refresh
No connection to your database will be made. If the Save data with report option was selected, the previously saved data will be used. If there is no data saved with the report, Liberty Reports worksheet functions will return no values (blank or zero) until you click Refresh.
PromptLet me pick from a list of databases before refreshing
Upon opening the workbook, you will be presented with a list of databases to choose from. After selecting a database, queries and worksheet functions that use the connection will be refreshed to show values from the selected database.